Bouncy Balls Game
We imagine that bingo could make you vibrate before, there a few years ago when it was very popular and he met the crowds in the halls and other places where municipalities organize their appointments cultural and social. But as fans, is that you are sure to know everything about bingo. This game has a rich and interesting that we invite you to discover now history, through this article that tells you the life of bingo.

According to many of the writings of the time, the bingo would have found its source in Italy in the 16th century, although some say it was also played at the time of the Roman Empire. Anyway, we know that it is in this region that is born bingo. At this time, he does not name . The players rather call "Lo gaucho del Lotto", undoubtedly because of its strong resemblance to Lottery old days.

Despite the fact that the Church was against this practice because the luck and chance was much too far, the game will be exported, mainly in Switzerland and France and met with unexpected success throughout Europe.

It was with the immigration of the last century that this game will set foot on the American continent. At this time, this game will literally invade the United States to become the popular game of choice . Without big way, players ticked off the boxes of their gates with beans called "bean" in the English language. Yarn needle, players have come to yell "Beano" when their game cards was completed. The game has become the Beano.

Some years later, saw the success that met the beano, an American by the name of Lowe thought it was smart to bring together all the players in a room to centralize organize games and especially games with much more affluence. And again, the crowd was waiting for you. Lowe was convinced he had to open all the rooms in the country. That's what he did, and as expected, the players were present.

At this time, it is always the beano. But when a major part in Atlanta, one of the winners had his tongue fourth when the screaming cry of victory . The latter exclaimed "Bingo". After a good laugh, the organizers have finally thought that this term was more fun and better that traverse the years beano.

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