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In most casinos , online and real on roulette establish special scoreboard, which shows the number that fell in the last 15-10 backs. In online casinos you will find on any such board of numerous kinds of virtual roulette with the track, without zero, etc.

The bottom line is that the spins of the roulette are not serial, i.e. they are not linked in any way: each draw - a separate, by itself, running the ball, and the result does not depend on the result of previous runs. Statistics manifests itself only at very large arrays of numbers, but on this particular interval of time in this particular casino roulette ball arbitrarily long can stay on a black and nobody would decree.

From this it follows that the data on the results of the scoreboard last season do not carry any useful information, and based on them can not make any conclusions. However, the property of the human psyche is to unite the disparate parts into a whole and fill this whole unique meaning. In other words, almost every player tend to look for patterns in the results of the scoreboard and to predict on the basis of this law results subsequent spins.

Dependence of the current game from the previous - a common misconception, and it can not be avoided. But for inexperienced players, it can be dangerous, because it is easy to take it for misleading loud voice of intuition, trust and raise, and failing to raise it even higher - because it simply can not same ball all the time to stay on the black - and even higher and thus losing all the money.

Furthermore, any misleading sooner or later becomes a great base for a fraudulent scheme : the network has a lot of programs that claim as their creators, based on statistical data can predict future results roulette spins. You can even suggest several strategies to choose from: do not guess if the first, then try some more.

Naturally, no one forbids you to use at online casinos such programs (because it is useless). If people like to build their roulette strategy on the basis of statistics and theories, then who forbid him to enjoy the game? Just do not take seriously such software: spin the roulette result can not be predicted by definition. In our view, self-deception can often be dangerous and not only financially.

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