Pai Gow Poker
Magazines must occasionally facelift to revive the interest of their readers and add new product categories, making it even more attractive periodic if possible. This is the case of the famous magazine. Poker Magazine "partner for 5 years a partner of the United States" Card Player ". Being one of the most widely read and illustrated popular poker enthusiasts, the new formula can only enhance its reputation with the public.

Its new formula is just something very ambitious because it is not only the periodic re dressed or further enhance the quality of the illustrations, it is mainly to provide the deepest drives and new items' human 'in the world of poker, players, techniques, these fruits of the pen of the greatest experts in France and elsewhere.

Everything will be present in the magazine, the history of poker to shopping, tourism on the agenda online tournaments, live events and interview players to television following events. Chronic will also be added, for example written by poker legend Doyle Brunson World or the World Champion French poker Vanessa Hollenbeck.

In its first new edition Poker Magazine makes you enjoy a file that can not fail to interest anyone who loves games whether live or online: The Chance. Learn everything you need to know about this by purchasing the periodical in the booth next to you.

The reputation of the famous periodic Poker Magazine is more to do because it is already considered the benchmark in this area, at least for French players. Partner with the prestigious magazine 'Card Player' U.S. has everything it takes to please and attract poker enthusiasts. After 5 years he decided to make new skin and get under a new formula for the beginning of 2011.

Everything has been redesigned and designed for the enjoyment and interest of readers, from the innovative dressing up various articles written by experts, both French and international, chosen for their knowledge and experience. The purpose of this change is to allow readers to better know and understand the world of poker and the players themselves.

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