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In a gambling place, like any other social institution has its own hierarchy, i.e. someone older, someone younger, someone has the right to take any decision someone - no. And if in the case of online casinos is very simple, when it comes to traditional gambling establishments with their large areas, a staff and security service, everything becomes much more difficult.

The most junior level of seniority of management authority, but not least, and contribution to the game in the casino - is the dealer anyway - casino dealer . Dealer - a person, a member institution, which leads directly communicate with the client, controls the flow of cash passing through his desk. Dealer operates strictly within the rules for operating a gaming table data directly in this place. (The fact that the rules of poker at different tables may vary considerably).

It is worth noting that the dealer is also the weakest link in the architecture hierarchy casinos, as soon as he is in direct contact with cards and gambling chips and its own necessity, and sometimes in collusion with other players performs fraud by fraud, issuing extra chips etc. The competence of the dealer usually includes the right to play the game within the rules, but if there is a conflict, the controversial situation in the "case" comes inspector.

Inspector - a person sitting at each gaming table, slightly to the left or to the right of the dealer and a bit in the background. He directly supervises the activities of the dealer and the players at this table in the casino. His responsibilities include the correct dealer, if he made a mistake. So he watches over the players, in order to prevent fraud.

If the casino is large enough, has plenty of gaming tables, and even on different floors, in the hierarchy of the gambling establishments may attend the pit boss , respectively, they perform the same functions as the inspector, but for several gaming tables, as a rule, one direction. The last word in the event of dispute often remains behind.

Shift manager - a person who at the moment (egg at night) is the most important in the casino. Typically, the situation did not go so far as to invite the manager, all conflicts are resolved, the inspectors, but if the case was wrapped so cool, you can invite and manager.

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