Variants Of Video Poker
It is practiced in normal version or progressive mode, the video poker includes a large number of variations that will provide different sensations. However, you should also expect that the rules of the various versions vary as video poker has been exploited and practiced in completely different parts of the globe. In the article below, we present the most popular variants of video poker.

The Jacks or Better is certainly the most famous variants of video poker. Ideal for beginners it allows them to quickly understand the rules while gaining experience, the goal of Jacks or Better is to achieve a more powerful pair Valet combination. Jacks of Better offers a reimbursement rate record of over 99%.

The Deuces Wild is the second flagship version of video poker. In this variant, the two acts joker, an indispensable asset since it can replace any video card of your game! As the classic video poker, the objective is to defeat the computer through a powerful combination type Quintet Colors Kind or another. In Deuces Wild, the player can not win the jackpot on one condition: he must have a Straight Flush , which is the most imposing hand of video poker.

Double Bonus follows the same principles as the Jacks or Better with a difference: it offers exclusive bonus payment to the participant who manages to get. The person who masters the game has all the chances to win many gains Double Bonus, especially since this variation can make him eligible for a payout greater than 100%.

The Double Double Bonus is a little less known video poker variant. It offers a special award to the player who accumulates up to two square consecutive Ace! The purpose of Joker Poker is to try to get a pair of King. However, the use of wildcards greatly facilitates the task at this game remarkable and great fun using all cards from traditional poker.

Aces and Faces is another variation of video poker which offers gains exceptional punters who come to obtain compounds Squares figures such as Jack, Queen, King or better yet, Ace. Aces and Faces is very appreciable above é experienced players of video poker because it is more difficult to play and requires optimal skills.

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