Winning Strategy
Little known, the Martingale Wells, also called "Rising Wells" is a rising loss. It is generally used when you want to bet 5 coins, units or parts early part of Roulette. Therefore, the "Rising Wells" is based on the schema of the Martingale Lambert, that is to say that the player increases his bet by one unit after losing a sudden decrease and its implementation of unit in case of winning move. Its use system is relatively simple and is popular with beginners, who see in this method involves a simple tactical gains that reliable.

It appears that the Martingale allows Wells to win nearly half a unit per bet. But this data can not be true if the player manages to find a balance between winners beating and losers. The table below explains how this method.

We selected randomly put into situations and have indicated the total score during the game. With the Martingale Wells, losses are minor, and earnings vary depending on the implementation. It allows always out winner on the accounts, especially if the player has a frequency of losses and relatively stable earnings.

Martingale Wells has the advantage of reducing the amount of the original bet when the first bet wins, one thing that Lambert Martingale does not in all circumstances, the last binding the player to always bet the same value. Furthermore, note that the rising is little risk of Wells. It encourages the player to reduce the amount of initial investment and therefore preserve capital.

Moreover, winning one unit per shot won, this method allows a perfect balance between winners beating and losers, and therefore avoids too long or unmanageable adverse series. Players who are not lucky gambling should use that tactic still pay on the long term . It is perfect for rational players, who bet without excess. Players must take a responsible approach to the issue of choice of currency prior to registration, as its further change is an extremely time consuming process. Players can not make these changes on their own. To change the base currency, they need to send a support request. After that, players will have to play their bonuses in the current currency and then withdraw all the money from the account. Only after that employee support center will change the currency in the settings and allow the player to make payments in the new currency. The reason for wagering account before changing is that bonuses are tied to the current account currency, and convert them from one currency to another is impossible.

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