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I would like to consider in this review the role of strategies in gambling in general, and to highlight some of the most popular in particular. As a rule, any strategy involves getting a prize in the short term - for a few moves. If that does not happen, then a chance of winning decreases with each successive round and stick to this strategy will continue to be, at least, is futile. Take at least the same martingale (strategy for playing roulette ).

It involves doubling the rate after each unsuccessful rotation. How are we going to win? We put $ 10 on red. If our fall color, pick a prize and will now be put on black. If at first you're out of luck, put on red again, but not $ 10 and $ 20. Failure again, Now, the rate should be 40-dollars, and all the same red. Suppose Fortune smiled on you, and red still fell.

Win $ 40, subtract them from the first two failures - $ 10 and $ 20. As a result, the initial rate have clean - $ 10. Everything seems to be successful and beautiful, and you can play, it's the reddest (or what you put there), sooner or later fall. But there are some nuances. It so happens that the right does not want us to fall out.

And it is the sum of several thousand transcendental as bid looms, and limits on the roulette table is not rubber. In general, you can lose large, but without achieving a win. So our advice to you, if you are using the Martingale strategy (or any other, which implies an increase in rates at a loss), use it only a few rounds in a row: it is better to lose a hundred dollars, a thousand (well, of course, it is better not to lose).

Martingale negative progression refers to - the more you play, the more bet. From this and the risk increases. But there are probably some positive system. Accordingly, at a prize - the rate increases and the losers - decreases. For example, you can increase the bet when winning a third or a half. Say, was the initial $ 5, and 7 will be next.  If lucky again - put 10. And if you suffered a setback - back to the original. This strategy can be applied to any of the games . Interesting is the system and tied to the value of your limit for the game (ie, the sum allocated by you lose more that you do not plan to). For example, it is proposed to put 25% of the residue on each round. That is, if you win - the rate increases if you lose - decreases.

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