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In the online casino industry, there are strict age limits : people who have not attained the age of majority is not eligible to play in any casino and gambling establishments. When it comes to online casinos, people have the impression that such a rule does not exist here, or that it can be broken. Indeed, in contrast to the traditional, online casino can not see the person's face, visiting the casino, or the one who authorized. It's just a virtual identity. But the reality is that online casinos also have strict rules to prevent minors the opportunity to play.

The legal age for cash games at online casinos defined jurisdiction under which it is registered. Depending on the jurisdiction, the legal age to play at online casinos in most cases is 18 years, but in some casinos the minimum age may be 21 years. And even with their strong desire, online casino players can not ignore or violate these rules for their own purposes. Casino game, if your age is below the specified limit is illegal. Casinos accept a variety of measures to prevent underage people to register on the site.

Before registering, you must read and understand the terms and conditions of the institution. All online casino point in this section point about age restrictions. If a juvenile man managed to pass the registration procedure on the site, the casino has every right to refuse to pay the money if he wins something.

Suppose that a minor player wins a huge jackpot . Before requesting a withdrawal casino player asks personal documents and checks them against the rules. As a result, a minor player can not get the money. Agree, sad situation. Casino with a good reputation strictly enforce this rule, but there are also some casinos that turn a blind eye. The Internet is full of websites offering free online casino games. From a technical point of view, since there is no money to be used in this mode games, minors are not illegal.

Nevertheless, free games are precursors to cash games, so many casinos to enforce the rules regarding age limits. Also free games for them - this is one way of finding potential customers, with the potential to play for money. C on the other hand, for young players free games - a way to get some experience and have fun. But the fact remains, and online casino gambling are only available to people over a certain age, i.e. adults. Players who are trying to play, hiding under a false name, or exaggerating the actual age should be prepared to take full responsibility for their actions and lose real money if incrimination.

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