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Playing online casino is conducted through the commission rates. If you win, the player picks wagered, increased several times. If an unfavorable outcome and lose a player, he loses the money raised. Manufacturers of software for online casinos set the minimum and maximum rates, which are known as the range of rates .

In online slots comply with this range very easily. In slots the player is required to pick up coins on the merit, to determine their amount for each pay line and the number of pay lines themselves. Derived from these three components and is the total amount bet. If the player chooses the smallest number of each component, it automatically selects the minimum bid . A player can not put an amount less than this. The same applies to your maximum bid. Thus, the player does not need to be informed of the minimum and maximum rates - it can identify them from the available options.

In board games is different. Bets, choosing denomination chips , and then clicks the required amount of time in the field for placing bets. For example, a player wants to make a bet of $ 25, he chooses first chip denominations of $ 10, and double-clicks in the betting, and then selects the chip cost $ 5 and clicks there once. In board games, the minimum and maximum rates as well defined and clearly posted on the website.

Suppose that in the game the allowable range of bets from $ 5 to $ 500. If a player chooses a token worth $ 1 clicks in golf betting and activates the game - it does not work. A message with content that is less than the specified size of the rate of the lower limit of the range of bets. In this case, the player will have to add more chips. Also, if the player chooses the chip denomination of $ 100 and clicks in the placing of bets six times, he receives notice of exceeding the maximum bet size.

The maximum bet is set taking into account the fact that the operators of online casinos do not want to suddenly be faced with obligations under a very large payments to its players. Not having a maximum strap, the player can put $ 100,000 on the number 7 in roulette , and if he wins, the winnings will be $ 3,500,000. Although the long-term operators do not incur large losses in case of a big win, but lump sum in such a large scale will give them some problems.

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